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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skippy's Blog
Well this has been the craziest spring I have seen in a long time.  The storms have been just horrible.  The Schipperke Strut was rained out.  But, I would like to thank those who sent support.  We certainly can use all the help we can get.
Now, I have to tell you a story about a very special Schip that came into Midwest's program.  His name was Rainbow and he came into rescue because he was found in a home with his owner who passed away and was not found for over a week.  Also, in the home were his co-pets 2 cats and a Lab sadly the Lab and one cat were also deceased.  When Rainbow came into the program he was a bit unsure of himself and a little standoffish.  But with Mary's love and guidance he quickly adapted to his new surroundings and was sleeping on the bed in no time. 
On of our volunteers offered to foster another dog and she took Rainbow so he could have more one-on-one time.  Things were going well and the family fell in love with Rainbow.  Our volunteer's father and mother puppy-sits her dogs while she works.  I'll call them Grandma and Grandpa.  Well, Grandpa found that Rainbow loves to go on car rides.  So one afternoon, Grandpa took all the dogs for a ride.  He said, Rainbow was sitting next to him looking out the window having a good time. When they got home the other dogs got out of the car and ran into the garage to go in the house which, was their routine.  Rainbow was pulling on his leash to follow the others so Grandpa figured he would go into the garage to.  Well you know how we Schipperkes can be.  Rainbow knew the tension was off the leash and split for an unauthorized run.  They couldn't catch him and then he was gone not to be found.  Grandpa and the whole family were beside themselves.  They searched diligently every day, checked all the shelters, put out flyers, and listed him on Craig's List.  He was sited once about 5 miles from his starting point but he could not be caught.  
Rainbow had been gone over a month, but the family did not give up hope and continued their search.  Then one day they received a call from a family down by 17 Mile Rd. (  Now just so you can get a better idea of this, in the Detroit area they have mile roads.  Rainbow's foster family lived north and east of where Rainbow lived with his deceased master at 12 Mile in Madison Heights.  The foster family was north of 27 mile road in Macomb County. ) I digress, back to my story.  A family called that they had spotted Rainbow. He had been in the neighborhood for a couple of days and they had been putting food out for him.  Knowing that he must be lost as he had part of his leash still attached, they looked on Craig's List and found a listing for a small black dog with no tail that had been lost.  They called and sure enough it was Rainbow.  Grandpa went right away and got a live trap and some KFC and he was captured that day.  Well, what do you expect, we Schips can't pass up some go old KFC.  Well, Rainbow is now back with his foster family and they are grateful to have found him alive and well.  We all figure when he got loose he headed for what he knew as home because, he was heading south and had traveled 12 miles in that month.  Midwest is grateful to Rainbow's foster family for never giving up the search.  Because of Rainbows great survival skills it has been proclaimed that from here forth Rainbow will now be known as Rambo.
Now it is time for me to go and sniff some flowers and water the trees.
Till next time,
3:49 pm edt 

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